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CCTV Drain Surveys 

If you have a blocked drain, or suspect an issue with your sewer or storm water then a camera inspection is a must. A simple and quick process, we will feed our specialist drain camera equipment down through an access point and feed it slowly along the pipe inspecting the integrity of your pipes as it goes. We will quickly be able to locate your drain blockage or issue, diagnose and offer a resolution, which may be as simple as a build up of flushed matter and can be fixed on the spot.
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CCTV Drain Inspection
Drain Inspections With CCTV

Non-Invasive Drain Issue Diagnosis

Avoid the expense and hassle of exploratory excavation to diagnose drain or sewer issues. Traditional inspections require your drain or sewer to be dug up and inspected by hand, which can result in your garden and even your driveway being partially removed, and a large expense in rectification works.

Our Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Camera Equipment is very small and clean, and can be deployed down almost any drain or sewer access point without disturbing your home or garden. The system doesn’t make any noise, and is battery operated, so you do not need to provide power.

Suitable for all types of plumbing, our drain camera can be deployed down new and old storm water pipes, sewers and drains to examine and document the structural integrity and operational condition of the pipes.

Drain Camera inspection Melbourne
Specialist plumbing cctv equipment

Specialist Drain Camera Equipment

Our CCTV drain camera is specialist plumbing equipment that is used by our licensed plumbers trained in its use to deploy and diagnose plumbing and sewer issues.

The CCTV equipment has an industrial camera at the tip, with a high sensitivity imaging sensor that’s able to achieve a clear image in dark and damaged pipes. The camera is connected to a control unit by a durable tether that provides power to the camera and control to the plumber which allows them to move the camera steadily through your pipes to record the footage.

The CCTV camera tether contains a distance scale so our plumber can pinpoint the exact location of the drain blockage or pipe issue.

Recording of Drain Camera inspection Melbourne
Recording of Drain Inspection CCTV Available

Drain Camera Recordings Available

We can provide a recording of the drain camera inspection footage if you require, which can be handy for peace of mind or for evidence for legal claims. We will provide the footage to you in digital format via email. When a pipe repair has been made we will use our drain camera to inspect the location before and after the repair to ensure the repair is sound.
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