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If you’re facing hot water system issues please give us a call immediately as the issue may start to get worse without notice. We will book one of our licensed hot water service plumbers to meet you at your location and complete a hot water system test, and diagnose your issue.
Hot Water Servicing & Repair Melbourne

Test, Diagnose, Repair or Replace

On arrival we will trace your hot water issue, starting with testing the integrity of your hot water system. We then assess your gas lines for leaks, and capacity limitations to support your existing appliances (if a gas system). We complete a water pressure test and temperature test, and finally a tempering valve test.

If your system is failing and can no longer be repaired to an approved standard we will suggest a suitable replacement system for you. A new system can normally be installed within 24 hours, and we will do our very best to keep you running with hot water until the new hot water system is installed.

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Is Your Hot Water System Leaking?

If there is a leak, we encourage you to turn your water off at the meter. There is a large tap head or lever attached to your meter used to turn off the water to your property in case of emergency. Use this tap/lever to turn the water off until we arrive. If you are unsure on how to do this call us immediately and we will guide you through.

Common Hot Water System Issues

Things you can check...
Your Pilot Light - Is it lit?
Power to the system - Is the power turned on?
Water to the system - Are all the water valves open?
Gas to the system - Are the gas valves open?
Temperature setting - Is the temperature set correctly?
New Hot Water Service Installations in Melbourne
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New Hot Water System Installations

We commission new installations of hot water systems for residential homes, commercial and industrial applications. Defining the correct hot water system for your application is very important for both cost and site suitability.

Our hot water system installations include continuous flow gas, tank based gas & electric, heat pump electric, and solar. Once the system is commissioned we will supply you with a certificate of compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my hot water pilot light go out when trying to turn on?

If you had followed the reignition process correctly and you still have issues with your pilot light going out on your gas hot water system you may be affected by a build up of dirt around the pilot vent or a faulty thermocouple. Both of these issues need to be handled by a licensed gas plumber.

Why has my hot water dropped in temperature?

Normally you will experience this when the weather changes dramatically and your pipes are chilling the water before it reaches you, which is easily fixed with pipe insulation. Alternatively, someone may have turned down the temperature setting on your hot water system, exercise caution if adjusting this setting as it may cause scalding. If cold water is only running through your hot water taps then your hot water system may have either tripped out the power circuit or the pilot light has extinguished.

Why do I have water pooling under my hot water system?

There are a few reasons why you may have water collecting under your hot water service. High water pressure, clogged valve, or worse a crack in your hot water system. All of these issues require a licensed plumber to inspect your unit.

Why is the pressure relief valve on the side of the tank continuously leaking water?

If you find that water is continuously leaking from the pressure valve then either two things are happening; the valve is wearing out and requires replacement, or it’s doing its job and the pressure is too high in your hot water system. Both issues do require a licensed and experienced hot water systems specialist to inspect and rectify.

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