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Your local gas plumber for urgent repairs or an upcoming project.

For all your gas plumbing and gas-fitting needs give us a call to discuss. We are fully licensed, registered and insured gas plumbers servicing the greater Melbourne region, and provide gas plumbing solutions for residential servicing, gas line upgrades, new home builds, commercial and industrial gas applications.
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Emergency Gas Plumbing 

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If you have a plumbing emergency we are available to provide immediate assistance. We’ll get a plumber to you urgently, including public holidays, to prevent further damage to your property and get your plumbing rectified.

Whether your water system has burst or you can smell gas we can get to you promptly and the issue repaired urgently. Don’t wait any longer and call us.
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Gas Plumber - Gas Leak Detection Melbourne

Gas Leak Detection

If you’re experiencing high gas bills or have a faint smell of gas that cannot be sourced you may have a serious gas related issue that must be addressed by a licensed gas plumber immediately. Call us now and we will provide instruction on how to secure your premises and we’ll attend to your issue urgently. We will test your gas lines and your gas appliances to find the location of the issue and resolve it. We will provide a certificate of compliance for the work completed and you can rest assured your gas appliances are safe to operate.
Gas Plumber Melbourne Carbon Monoxide Testing
Gas plumber Carbon Monoxide Testing Melbourne

Carbon Monoxide Testing

The exhaust gases from gas heaters are poisonous to humans and animals, and can quickly build up to fatal levels inside a room without any warning. It’s imperative that your gas appliances, especially your heaters are tested for Carbon Monoxide leaks regularly. We provide a critical test for your in-home appliances to ensure their safe operation, and to keep you and your loved ones/colleagues safe and warm.

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Gas Appliance installation
New Gas Appliance Installation Melbourne

New Gas Appliance Installation

Commissioning your new gas appliance must be done by a licensed gas plumber, with a certificate of compliance issued. We will carry out the commissioning of your new gas appliance utilising our sensitive equipment to test and secure your gas lines and the appliance itself so it’s safe for you to operate.

Often new appliances may require an upgraded gas line which we can install for you in advance of the appliance arriving. It’s important to call us to discuss the details of your new appliance prior to its delivery so we can ensure the required services are in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I smell gas?

If there is a faint smell of gas around your gas appliance, and you have confirmed all of the gas controls are set to the off position, then it’s likely the appliance is faulty and requires immediate replacement or repair. In this instance do not operate the appliance under any circumstance, we recommend you isolate your gas system, evacuate the home and call us immediately.

How often should I get gas appliances tested for carbon monoxide?

The recommended frequency for Carbon Monoxide (CO) testing by Energy Safe Victoria is every 2 years. Every property owner should have their gas appliances cleaned and tested very regularly as carbon monoxide is a clear gas, with no smell or taste. Exposure to carbon monoxide in prolonged small doses can cause long term serious health effects, and larger doses can be fatal.

Why do I need to upgrade my gas line when installing a new instantaneous hot water unit?

Unfortunately newer instantaneous hot water systems have a specific requirement for gas lines and pressure. If your current gas line is old, and of the wrong diameter it will need to be upgraded so the new instantaneous hot water system works properly.

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